Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Survey about accepting patches within the Eclipse community

As was evident with the recent discussions on E4 performance, the ongoing process to keep the Eclipse community vibrant, and keep relevant projects alive, we Eclipse-people should reach out for all the help we can get. One kind of help is the actual code being contributed.

DongGyun is conducting research in the dynamics of open source communities, and is running a survey into the criteria for accepting patches within the Eclipse community. I find this a worthwhile investigation, and I hope you don't mind me forwarding his plea here (if you've already answered it, please ignore):

Dear Eclipse Developers,

This is DongGyun, a MPhil student of Computer Science and Engineering Department at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology(HKUST).

We are currently conducting research to identify more/less important criteria to accept/reject patches. As a developer, would you like to participate this short survey (only 2 questions) to let us know the importance of criteria and how easy/hard to get the criteria information.

We will share these survey results to the Eclipse developer community and other software engineering communities.

We really appreciate your help.
DongGyun, Han