Monday, March 24, 2008

Surprise: Eclipse is me, too!

My last word on the whole e4 thing will not be about e4 at all (since I'm following going through the instructions for the demo, letting the code speak for itself), rather it will be restating what's been said so many times before: Eclipse is me.

Now, I'm not the most active Eclipse committer/contributor (Dave and Doug are doing all the actual work in the XSLT tooling in the WTP incubator), nor am I a prolific, insightful blogger by any standard. Yet, my posting regarding e4 did not go unnoticed within the community. I think that's a sign of good health, and I was pleased to see Mike M following up on it.

What befuddled me a bit however, was finding out Reg Developer linking to the post, essentially using it as a news source, as an exponent of a general sentiment. That was just ... unnerving, out of proportion, and misunderstood. Planet Eclipse is a great medium for following what's going on, but is does not fairly represent the minds of all ~1000 Eclipse committers and the many members doing the hard work. The planet should always be read with that in mind.

Eclipse is you, but take care to express how.

P.S: For a laugh, read the Reg Developer comments, and try not to think of XKCD.

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